Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Today no business can afford downtime. The cost involved in managing physical servers is high and the risks real. Slow, sluggish or poor performing hardware can damage brands, erode customer confidence and lower your ability to compete.. By transitioning to a cloud server hosting solution, you are immediately able to guarantee more uptime, improved resource and application efficiency and availability. You can also be confident that high traffic networks or websites will always perform smoothly.

Benefits at a glance:

Partnering with TechOne provides your company with:

  • Data loss protection
  • Quick recovery minimizes employes downtime
  • Files are protected against deletion
  • Files can be received based on date
  • Enhance compliance and business standardization

BackupOne Managed Business Continuity

Customized Disaster Recovery Solutions

Backing up business data is a complex process and requires knowledge and hands-on experiance. BackupOne operations are fully managed by our expert personnel, and are monitored to ensure data integrity and recoverability. 

Cold Data Storage

Your business’ data is automatically backed up every day and stored remotely at one of our state of the art, highly secure data centres where it is protected using the very latest security technologies.

Office365, Google Apps, and Cloud Services Backup

Deploying BackupOne solutions ensure data on the cloud such as Office 365, Google Apps, Web apps, and your Website are safely and securly backed up to a separate remote location to protect against data loss.